fresh flower guide

Freddie’s fresh flower guide

After much trial and error, here’s my ultimate guide to the longest lasting flowers known to woman or man.

How to keep cut flowers fresh

Our flowers are so fresh we can deliver them out of water. They'll be thirsty when they arrive so plonk them in water pronto. Then just follow my flowerful mantra for gloriously fresh, fragrant and long lasting flowers. Trim, pour, style refresh.

1. Trim

How to trim cut flowers

Forget the myths about crushing stems. Always cut flowers on an angle with clean, sharp secateurs. Flowers can drink water more easily, and for longer. This will help them last.

2. Pour

What to feed cut flowers

Pop your freshly delivered flowers in water as soon as is humanly possible. Fill a vase with fresh, room temperature water. Too hot or too cold and the flowers use up precious energy, reducing their life. Pour in some Freddie’s Flowerful Food – one sachet per litre of water.

3. Style

You may already know exactly how to arrange flowers but I’m here if you need a hand! I include arranging tips in each flower box and you can watch my videos, too. Why not turn flower arranging into a calming beam of mindfulness?

4. Refresh

How to make flowers last longer

Change the water every three days and re-trim the stems each time. Add a sachet of Freddie’s Flower Food per litre of water. If you need more flower food, drop me a line.

Long live your flowers!


Thoroughly clean vases and secateurs to minimise any bacteria transfer. Think of it as you would food. You clean knives, chopping boards and crockery assiduously – do the same for flowers.


Down with debris! Make sure there are no leaves or petals in the water. Any debris encourages bacteria growth, which means farewell fleurs. Make sure the stems aren’t too tightly packed, either.


Keep your flowers away from draughts and heat. Close proximity to radiators, the aga, direct sunlight, draughty windows or chilly corridors will only aid the demise of your petaly pals.


Keep your gloriously fresh flowers away from the fruit bowl. Ethylene in bananas, melons, avocados, kiwis, mangos and nectarines, in particular, are flower kryptonite.

What to feed cut flowers

cut flowers delivered

What to feed cut flowers

Every flower box comes with Freddie’s Flower Food. It’s a (not very) secret recipe that’ll keep your flowers perky. Use one for each litre of water in the vase. If you run out just drop me a line and I’ll send you some more. Also, a teaspoon of sugar gives cut flowers a little extra life. Some people feed cut flowers a few drops of vodka! One for you, one for me...

“We highly recommend Freddie’s! Every week you get fresh flowers delivered to your home! We love them!”


“Another gorgeous delivery from Freddie’s Flowers! They last absolutely ages; so fresh!”


“Excellent instructions in each delivery. Flowers last for 2.5 - 3 weeks. Very pleased with the service.”

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Remarkably fresh flowers

fresh flowers delivered

Remarkably fresh flowers

Freddie’s Flowers are often delivered ‘in bud’, which means a bit closed. Especially peonies, gladioli, amaryllis, alstroemeria, lilies and phlox. This means they last for ages. And you have the pleasure of watching your fresh cut flowers unfurl!

Our fresh flowers are grown and cut to order. As they haven’t been sitting around on a shop shelf they are super fresh when they arrive.

We deliver them out of water (the technical florist term is ‘dry’, just like my favourite white wine). So they’re thirsty and may look a bit limp on arrival. A drink perks them up, so plonk them in water pronto.

Fresh flowers are good for the soul!
Order today and let Freddie’s Flowers lift your spirits.