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Hello my name’s Freddie...

...and I love flowers. Well, with a surname like ‘Garland’ and florist parents, what choice did I have?

My mission is to bring zen-like joy to homes across the country by delivering gloriously fresh flowers in stunning combinations. Ever since I’ve been knee high to a peony I’ve believed that flowers are good for the soul. Give us a whirl and see for yourself!

Head over to my blog for glorious guidance, flowerful tips and more.

Coming Soon Flowers

Coming Soon...

Like the soft palette of an early evening watercolour, enjoy letting the colours of this bunch soothingly wash over you. You could even be by the sea!

La Belle roses drift from soft green to blush pink. Adding a soft ripple of sunlight, solidago adds a lovely texture. And like a dot of ink dropped in water, these irises will quickly pop open revealing a wonderful splash of colour.

Like dusk clouds on the horizon these alliums will make the arrangement pop (like a lollipop).

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“I absolutely love Freddie’s Flowers! I get so excited by the prospect of a new delivery it stops me sleeping.”

Terence Stamp

“Freddie once saved my dog from a house fire. He’s a goddamn hero.”

Jane Fonda

“I like to strip all the petals off my flowers and pretend I’m that girl from American Beauty.”

Timothy Spall