We choose a selection of beautiful fresh flowers...

We pick them fresh from the growers and don’t worry if you’re off on hols it’s easy to skip a week or two.

...we deliver them straight to your door every week...

You can find out your delivery day when you sign up. If you’re not in, we can leave your box somewhere safe.

...and we even include arrangement tips

Well, we want you to get the best from your bunch. That said, often it’s just a case of plonking them in a vase.

Hello, my name’s Freddie...

...and I love flowers. Well, with a surname like ‘Garland’ and florist parents, what choice did I have?

I used to deliver fruit and veg for Abel & Cole. Being out and about, meeting lovely people — it was great. Then I started to wonder: could I do a similar thing with flowers? Turns out I can.

Why not head over to my blog to find out more about what makes us tick? It’s flowerful stuff.

Latest box:

“I absolutely love Freddie’s Flowers! I get so excited by the prospect of a new delivery it stops me sleeping.”

Terence Stamp

“Freddie once saved my dog from a house fire. He’s a goddamn hero.”

Jane Fonda

“I like to strip all the petals off my flowers and pretend I’m that girl from American Beauty.”

Timothy Spall