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Flowers FAQs

Upcoming Arrangements

Do you always send exactly the flowers in the photo?

We carefully choose fantastic, fresh stems of the highest quality from our growers. This sometimes means your flowers may vary - just like they do in the field.

On occasions like this, we may have to make some substitutions in order to make sure your arrangements stay fabulously fresh across the board!

How can I see what flowers are coming up?

Most people love the surprise of discovering the new arrangement in each box!

But if you'd prefer to know in advance, you can check what's coming up next week on the My Deliveries page of your account.

Can I opt out of specific flowers?

We do not offer custom boxes at the moment.

Instead, we achieve unique freshness and value because Freddie creates one perfect arrangement for each week of the year!

However, we do offer a lily-free option each week for the standard box, if you have pets or an allergy. Whilst we cannot guarantee our arrangements won’t contain any potentially toxic elements we find lilies to be the main culprit. As such, this is the one flower we can remove from deliveries.

Feel free to get in touch, and we can set that up for you.

Caring For Your Flowers

My flowers arrived wilted and green!

We pick and deliver our flowers in bud so they're at their freshest—so you can enjoy watching them bloom!

We deliver without water so the delicate petals don't bloom in the box (and to reduce our carbon footprint), which means they may look a little thirsty and tired from the journey.

Not to worry—flowers have a pretty amazing capacity to perk up again once in water!

If your flowers haven't recovered within two days (or if they arrived damaged) please send us a photo or two and we will sort it for you right away!

How long do the flowers last?

Our flowers are ridiculously fresh—we cut to order!

While every stem is unique, most varieties should last 10-14 days, especially if you follow the flower care advice included in your box!

To keep your lovely stems going as long as possible, we recommend changing the water every four days, keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from your fruit bowl.

Styling Your Flowers

Do I need any special tools to arrange my flowers?

All you need is a vase and something to trim your flowers with!

Have a look at the Freddie's Shop to peruse our selection of perfect vases and secateurs, which we can deliver with your next box of flowers.

We recommend picking a vase about half the height of your tallest stem, and using a pair of clean, sharp secateurs to trim—some hardy kitchen scissors will do in a pinch!

How do I arrange the flowers?

With each delivery, we pop in a fun arranging guide with easy to follow stem by stem instructions.

Freddie also makes a weekly video if you'd prefer to follow along with him. You can find this on the My Deliveries of your account.

With a little practice, you'll be a floral pro in no time!

What kind of vase do I need?

When Freddie was starting out, he searched far and wide for the perfect vase—and when he couldn't find one, he designed it himself! Find our Classic Vase on the Freddie's Shop, alongside our selection of full-size, cutdown and bud vases!

If using one of your own, we recommend picking a vase about half the height of your tallest stem to display your arrangement when it first arrives.

As you trim down the stems, you can move them to a shorter cutdown vase, or pop a few mini arrangements in bottles or jars!

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