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Flowers Fit for a King’s Coronation

Flowers Fit for a King’s Coronation

During his long apprenticeship as the Prince of Wales, King Charles was known to be a lover of the natural world. From organic farming to environmental issues, Charles has always made his outdoorsy interests widely known.

When the invitations to the coronation of King Charles III and Camilla were unveiled, people were quick to spot loads of bucolic floral details – including flowers representing each of the nations of the United Kingdom, as well as a very natty Green Man mask in the very middle.

From the off, horticulture is set to play a key role in his reign. In fact, it looks like King Charles really will be the Flower King we all hoped he would be.

So, in honour of the coronation, we wanted to create a special coronation flower arrangement for all our flower subscribers, to celebrate the life of Charles so far, including some of his most special – and symbolic – stems.

Our coronation flower arrangement for King Charles

What’s in our flowers for the King’s Coronation?

Our celebration arrangement contains:


King Charles’ revealed delphiniums to be his favourite flower – he calls them “marvellous and therapeutic”.


The traditional symbol of England, harking back to the War of the Roses. Roses are a popular flower at weddings, and will surely look the part at the coronation.

Sweet William

Featured in Catherine, Princess of Wales’ wedding bouquet, and representing the now Prince of Wales.

Purple Tulip

The colour of this stem represents both royalty and rebirth. Tulips were once worth more than gold, making them a very appropriate choice for such coronation flowers.


A favourite flower of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – and of the King himself. Peonies are perfectly in season at the moment, meaning they’ll be looking their best for the big day.


Means “I miss you”, in tribute to Charles’ parents. Limonium is also a great stem to keep hold of and dry – helping it go on and on and on… a little like the late Queen!


Representing patience, luck and unity. Alliums also look rather like sceptres, making them a fun addition to our flowers for the king’s coronation.


A member of the thistle family – which is the traditional flower of Scotland. Like the Queen before him, Charles is known to particularly love Scotland, spending summers there.

Freddie arranging the King's coronation flower arrangement

So there you have it – our special flower coronation arrangement that’s fit for a king (specifically this king!).

We’re all very excited for the pageantry and celebrations that this weekend will bring, and know many of you will be too. What flowers do you expect to see on Saturday?

Posted on 27th May 2024

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