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Crackling Embers: Everything you need to know

Crackling Embers: Everything you need to know

How to arrange: Crackling Embers

Warming, comforting and a little bit lively – here’s an arrangement that will glow in your vase. Flame-like chasmanthus and autumnal oak leaf give the latest arrangement in our flower subscribers’ basket an extra spark.

Discover more about this arrangement…

Meet Oak Leaf

Watch Freddie’s video below to find out more about oak leaves.

LA Lily – Your lilies will arrive in bud and take about 4-5 days to open but once they do you’ll most definitely know about it – they’re real show-offs. If you’re not a fan of pollen, then once open you can pluck off the stamens using a lily leaf.

Chasmanthus – These eccentric floral flames are native to America where they are seen as relatively rare native grass. They thrive in partial shade so keep them out of the direct sun.

Fuego Bloom – These floral in-fleur-nos will bring a little heat to any display. They’ll arrive with biodegradable nets on (made from sea kelp!) so remove them gently from the bottom up to watch them unfurl. They’ll also last for ages so make sure you cut them down over the weeks – read to pop them in a cut-down vase or in bud vases.

Check out our Instagram and other blog posts for more information on this arrangement featuring oak leaf.

Posted on 28th May 2024

The Flower Team

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