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Agapanthus: Everything You Need to Know

Agapanthus: Everything You Need to Know

Move over rose, you’re not the only romantic flower in town (although we are, of course, a fan of you too, don’t worry!) But we do think the agapanthus (also known as Lily of the Nile, the Love Flower and African Lily) needs to be considered when discussing the best flowers for declaring your love. Why? Well, for one, its name is literally derived from the Greek word for love. But they also have a whole history to them that makes them a beautiful, caring flower gift for anyone in your life that you adore. Read on to find out more…

Agapanthus by Monet

What’s the history of the agapanthus flower?

Swirling and vibrant, Claude Monet’s Agapanthus painting is a thing of true beauty, much like the flower itself which the French impressionist was a great admirer of. There are purple, white and pink varieties of these clustered bell trumpet shaped flowers, and collectively – no matter what colour you come across, either in nature or a bouquet – they represent eternal love. In Greek mythology, agapanthus were gifted to loved ones only, and after her it is symbolised as a sign of hidden or undying love.

However, their medicinal past also comes with a heart-warming history. The Xhosa women make a necklace using the plant’s roots, which according to them brings good health as well as strong babies. They also believe that the plant can help those who are infertile fall pregnant, as well as using the plant to treat serious diseases including heart diseases, paralysis, cold cough and chest pain. It is also used as a way to relax pain in women, during their periods.

Where does the agapanthus flower grow?

Fondly named ‘Cornish sky’ and ‘Aggie Paggys’ by locals, the agapanthus flourishes along the dramatic coastline of Cornwall, due to the mild maritime climate. The flower itself we feel is fitting for the area, with the bell trumpet-shaped flowers looking like clusters of water droplets, and is so picturesque set to a backdrop of both sea and sky. But it’s not just us humans who adore agapanthus, it is also loved by the bees as it makes for such a great pollinator.

It’s definitely a seasonal favourite of ours, as it begins to spread its baby blue beauty across UK gardens in the early summer months. Bringing a bit of Summer inside, we think they add a fun bounce to our arrangements.

How to care for agapanthus

Our gorgeous agapanthus, grown in Holland, the flower capital of the world. Then in a week or two, when some flower heads drop off the stem don’t sweep them away. Simply sprinkle them down a table to add a little splash of floral colour. However, if you want to slow down this process keep them in a cool room away from sunlight and fruit bowls.

Posted on 27th May 2024

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