Your questions answered

Where can I find fields of information about how Freddie’s Flowers works?
Answer: Right here chaps, right here.

How can I keep my flowers looking fresh?

Our flowers are cut to order and are remarkably fresh.

By following a few simple steps your Freddie’s Flowers will last an incredibly long time:

  1. Make sure you pop your flowers in water as soon as possible In hot weather they’ll need a drink on arrival to perk up.
  2. Trim each stem on an angle with clean, sharp secateurs.
  3. Make sure your vase is very clean - avoid using detergent, instead use a couple of drops of bleach.
  4. Fill your vase by 3 or so inches with fresh, room temperature water.
  5. Use one sachet of Freddie’s Flowerful Food for each litre of water in the vase.
  6. Make sure there are no leaves or debris in the the water.
  7. Change the water, retrim the stems and add new flower food every three days.

We guarantee that our flowers will last a week. Follow the above instructions and they may very well last a lot longer.