Hi, I'm Freddie

Ever since I was knee high to a peony I’ve loved flowers. And before I made my first flower delivery in London, I worked for Abel & Cole, the veg box people.

I saw the joy people got from weekly veg and I thought...

“Imagine if this was flowers?!”

Fresh flowers are good for the soul!

I was raised by florists; I practically grew up in my folks’ flower shop in Pimlico. So it’s also thanks to Mum & Dad that I said farewell to veg and bought a milk float, some cardboard boxes, a tent and lots of flowers.

My little London flower delivery service started in Mum & Dad’s garden (which I grandly called ‘The Warehouse’). I roped Mum and dog Claude in to help. That Claude was and is better at eating flowers is by the by...

The milk float never went above eight miles an hour, which was awkward. Imagine making flower deliveries at that speed, or lack of! In rush hour. The local motorists were less than amused.The tent blew away. Sleep became something that other people enjoyed. But with Mum and some friends lending a hand, it was really exciting.

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